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Kindle Customer Service Number

Netflix No Longer Allowing Me To Stream From My Kindle! Need Help

kindle support number
kindle support number

Netflix is supported in Kindle and it can be used flawlessly. However, if you stuck with issue like this “Netflix no longer allowing me to stream from my Kindle” then here are measures that you can take.

  1. Access of Netflix on Kindle need favorable environment i.e. smooth working internet connection and enough space in device. In absence of smooth net connectivity, Kindle device will start showing issues.

  2. If specific error is coming to Kindle while accessing Netflix, then uninstall application from device and reinstall the app. Turn off Kindle and restart, Netflix will start working smoothly. 

  3. Even after reinstallation of Netflix if it does not work then check if supported Netflix is installed in device used. Netflix is available in HD on following Kindle fire tablet Amazon Fire HD 8 inches 2015 (KFMEWI), Amazon Fire HD 6 Inches 2014 (KFARWI), Amazon Fire HD 10 Inches 2015 (KFTBWI), Amazon Fire HD 8.9 Inches 2014 (KFSAWIS) and Amazon Fire HD 7 Inches 2014 (KFASWI). Check if you are using supported Netflix in device.

  4. The issue with Kindle in accessing Netflix still didn’t get resolve then take device to nearest Kindle store and consult technicians. 

  5. However if you want to make it easy then Kindle support team can also be contacted too. The helpline number is shared on webpage.

  6. Sometime even Netflix create issues. Netflix too blocks its access on Kindle. Therefore, it is also recommended to get in touch with Netflix customer care and take help from them.

So, when you get stuck with trouble that goes like this “Netflix no longer allowing me to stream from my Kindle” then first work on measures suggested above. But, if nothing works then it is best to get in touch with customer support team of Amazon Kindle.

Kindle device is no more restricted to reading online content. On the contrary, it has become versatile. Now, device user can do many other tasks on Kindle other than doing basic work. It is possible to check emails, do exchange of data between personal computer and device etc. Watching Netflix content on Kindle is another task that can be done on it. However, while accessing some other things except content users may face some hiccups. It is best to get in touch with Kindle support team to get assistance with regards to same. They can be best contacted by dialing toll free number.